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Everyone needs something different depending on where they are in their spiritual journey.

I offer Reiki, Psychic Tarot reading, Bespoke Mentoring sessions,

a welcoming online community and much more.

Find out more and get in touch to Unleash Your Sacred Potential.

Work with me Online!

As a dedicated spiritual empowerment mentor, I will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Utilising all the tools and skills I have honed over the years enabling me to support ultimately unleash your sacred potential!

Soul Space The Sisterhood online community

Investment: £11.11 per month

My members only online community was created to support the rising of the divine feminine.

Our members only online community combines:

Monday energy of the week

Live New & Full Moon circles

Healing Circle monthly

Along with other aspects of self care

All information stays in the group so you can access at your convenience and or rewatch anytime.

Reiki 1:1 Session

Investment: £50.00

Indulge in an hour-long In-person or Distance Reiki Healing Session with myself, an experienced Reiki Master. Beyond physical bounds, this session harnesses Reiki's potent energy to restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Begin with a brief consultation to address your intentions, then relax in your chosen space.

Sensations like warmth or tingling signify the energy's transformative work. Afterward, share your experience, often leaving you feeling rejuvenated and centered.

Break free from limitations and experience holistic wellness— Book Now for inner healing and renewal through Distance Reiki.

Psychic Tarot Reading

Investment: £50.00

Step into the realms of insight and guidance with my Psychic Tarot Reading Session. Whether in person or at a distance, delve into an illuminating experience that transcends boundaries.

Connect for an intimate session where tarot cards serve as a conduit for tapping into your energies. As an experienced psychic I will interpret the cards, unveiling profound insights into your past, present, and potential future. Expect clarity on pressing matters, guidance for decisions, and a deeper understanding of your life's path.

Experience the power of a personalised session crafted to offer clarity and direction.

Book Now for an enlightening journey toward self-discovery and empowerment through our Psychic Tarot Reading Session, where distance is no barrier to profound insight.

1:1 Reiki Level 1, 2 and teaching

Investment varies: £150-£200

Unlock the transformative art of Reiki in personalised 1:1 teaching sessions tailored to your pace and needs.

Discover the energy healing of Level 1 or 2 for £175, delving into foundational techniques and practices.

Elevate your skills with the Master level at £200, diving deeper into Reiki's intricacies and potentials.

Or opt for the Teacher level at £150, empowering yourself to share this ancient wisdom with others. As a Master Reiki instructor I will guiding you, embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Embrace the power of Reiki and become attuned to its life-changing energy in these exclusive sessions. Message Marti directly via the link below to arrange a call with her and get your journey started,

Spiritual Mentoring Bespoke 1:1 Session with Marti Baxter

Investment: £65.00

Step into a transformative journey of self-discovery with Marti Baxter through a bespoke 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring Session. Tailored to your unique needs, this session encompasses a diverse range of practices, from tarot readings to Reiki, EFT, drum healing, and even astrology chart insights.

Marti, an experienced energy worker, offers guidance for individuals keen on starting their witchcraft journey, seeking direction, motivation, or aiming to elevate their spellwork. This comprehensive mentoring delves into mindset techniques (NLP), empowering you to harness your innate skill sets effectively.

Your journey begins with a 15-minute briefing call, where proposed actions are suggested and aligned with your goals before the main 60-minute session. Marti’s expertise and intuitive guidance merge to create a deeply transformative experience, utilizing her skills to navigate and enhance your spiritual path.

Embark on a journey of self-empowerment, clarity, and spiritual growth. Book your bespoke 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring Session with Marti Baxter and embrace the guidance to unlock your full potential.

Love letters from my customers

'After completing reiki 1 and two with Marti and having had numerous healings from her, her passion for what she does is contagious, her support is second to none, always there to answer question and give support, in just the correct way (she aways seems to know) I feel supported both physically and spiritually by Marti, but to be honest no words couldn’t really do a justice, to the effect and transformation she creates.'

From Nicola Golby

'Marti has been the catalyst for my spiritual journey and development. I have attended her monthly meditation sessions as well as a workshop. She has such a big heart and pure soul and this radiates through all that she does. I have recently received some reiki healing from her and I have truly never felt so at peace. I cannot wait to continue my journey with her help and guidance!'

From Lucy O'Connell

'I have had the absolute pleasure of purchasing crystals from Marti on many occasions. I have also had readings and attended a few of her retreats. In all honesty I have always been received with warmth respect and love. Marti's readings are always honest and on point. She is funny sassy and just an absolute ledge. I would highly recommend Marti and all the services she provides.'

From Sue Pettifor

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