Let's Unleash your Sacred Potential...

Join me on a transformative journey to unleash your sacred potential and discover the

power of spirituality for personal growth and fulfillment.

I draw from a rich tapestry of practices, including witchcraft, healing, shamanic practices,

meditation, mindset work, and affirmations, I offer a holistic approach to spiritual empowerment.

My members only online community was created to support the rising of the divine feminine.

Our members only online community combines:

Monday energy of the week

Live New & Full Moon circles

Healing Circle monthly

Along with other aspects of self care

All information stays in the group so you can access at your convenience and or rewatch anytime.

Oh hey, I’m Marti,

Together let's unlock the incredible strength that resides within.

As a dedicated spiritual empowerment mentor, I guide women on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

My passion lies in helping individuals harness the power of various spiritual tools to support their personal development.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of practices, including witchcraft, healing, shamanic traditions, meditation, mindset work, and affirmations, I offer a holistic approach to spiritual empowerment. Through one-on-one sessions and immersive workshops, I empower women to navigate their unique spiritual path, fostering a deep connection with their inner selves and unlocking the strength within.

Join me on this empowering journey as we explore the myriad ways spirituality can be a catalyst for personal transformation and fulfillment.

Much Love,

Marti xx


I've loved crystals for around 16 years and it took me down the route of being a crystal healer and later a Reiki Master teacher. After years of healing and working with crystals I decided to source authentic crystals to sell to other crystal lovers. All of my crystals come charged with love and healing.

High vibe only, visit my shop or come to one of my crystal lives to get yours!

That Spiritual Podcast

With Marti and Phebes

That Spiritual Podcast was created by Phoebe & Marti as a place to explore everything magical, mystical and wonderful- no topic is off the table, there's no filters here!

I'm Spiritual... Now What? Diving deep into the discovery of awakening!

Episode Oct 22, 2022

What in the planet is

going on?

Episode 20 Sept, 2023

Let's Explore Goddesses

Episode April 14, 2023

How to use Crystals

Online course

Do you love crystals?

Drawn to them and collect them but not sure why or how to use them?

This is what you've been looking for! From origins , meanings and use and everything in between, this course will enable you to work more confidently and get the best from your crystals.

Practical Magick - An Introduction to Witchcraft

Embark on a transformative journey to unleash your inner power as a Wyse Witch. In this course, you'll explore 8 modules that cover energy protection, spirit guides, altars, circle casting, harnessing energy, spellcraft, and money magick. Embrace the change you wish to see and connect with your feminine wisdom. Join us now and become the magical force you've always been.

What an Amazing Lady!

I have been fortunate enough to have met Marti and she has been a brilliant guide and helped me to focus on life from a different view point. I have attended a meditation evening, arriving very stressed and leaving very relaxed. I also enjoy the spiritual group which is insightful. Marti is always genuine and provides great support with resolving certain issues. I highly recommend her services.

- Tracey Hayfield

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